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Mind of Mystery

The Mind Of Mystery

The ultimate guide to seduction.

Created by Mystery himself, the Mind Of Mystery features live in-field footage highlighting the unique ability of Mystery to seduce practically any woman he approaches.

This is a virtual mind dump from The World's Greatest Pickup Artist.

Mystery is the true modern-day Casanova, having defined much of the language now used in pick-up and seduction.

Now the star of his own VH1 reality show, Mystery created the Mind Of Mystery to be the ultimate pickup guide.

This isn't some flaky eBook. This is hours and hours of real, in-field footage showing Mystery approaching, attracting, and seducing women most men only dream about.

You can access Mystery's mind by going to

The Mind Of Mystery is set to revolutionise the art of seduction.

If you want to know more about Mystery, read his profile in our Dating Advice Gurus section.



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