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Steve Piccus

Who Is Steve Piccus?

Steve Piccus is an NLP specialist. He was featured heavily in Neil Strauss's bestseller, The Game.

He founded Radical Hynpotherapy, which focuses on self improvement through NLP, hypnosis, Chakra Cleansing, Soul Gazing, and others.

Piccus shot to fame in the dating world after Neil Strauss chronicled his teachings in The Game.

Strauss stated Piccus' work was a major influence on him breaking out of his "average frustrated chump" mode, and turning him into a pickup artist.

While Steve Piccus focuses on broader personal healing, his contribution to the world of seduction, dating and pick up has been immense, especially in the areas of Inner Game and helping guys overcome their fears and constraints about meeting women.




Hypnotica (right) appears on The Annihilation Method with Steve Piccus
Steve Piccus (left) appears with Hypnotica as a special guest on Style's Annihilation Method DVDs.


Steve Piccus currently lives in California, and through his company - Radical Hypnotherapy - holds several seminars and produces books, CDs and DVDs related to NLP and self improvement, all of which are essential in the field of dating and seduction.


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