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Who Is Mystery?

Mystery, aka Erik von Markovik, is a world famous Pick-Up Artist.

His legendary feats were detailed in Neil Strauss' famous account of the seduction underwold, The Game. This launched Mystery into the mainstream, and his fame continues rising today.

One of the pioneers of the online seduction community, Mystery founded the world-famous Mystery Method Corporation with fellow pickup artist Savoy.

The flagship release of the Mystery Method Corp. was the Venusian Arts Handbook, a guide written by Mystery (and his closest friends) detailing the science behind seduction.

The Venusian Arts Handbook was taken from the shelves in 2007, replaced by the follow-up Mystery Method's Magic Bullets, written by Savoy.

At the same time, Mystery left the company, taking his top pickup instructors with him and creating Venusian Arts.

(Scroll down to see a video of the "Public Statement by Mystery".)



Mystery appearing on Neil Strauss' The Annihilation Method

Venusian Arts launched off with a series of workshops around the world, many being hosted by Mystery himself.

Mystery also released "The Mystery Method - The Foolproof Way To Get Any Woman You Want Into Bed" in hardcover in early 2007 (just months before he quit The Mystery Method and started Venusian Arts).

In addition, Markovik now hosts his own show on VH1 - The Pick Up Artst.


Check out Mystery in action:

Public Statement by Mystery


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