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Who Is Hypnotica?

Hypnotica is an NLP specialist. He was featured heavily in Neil Strauss's bestseller, The Game.

Hypnotica has created Deep Phone Seduction and Ultimate Inner Game.

This is advanced material, and only recommended for guys that want to take their seduction game to another level...

Hypnotica featured alongside Steve Piccus in Neil Strauss' Annihilation Method DVDs.

Along with his dating and seduction products - Deep Hone Seduction and Ultimate Inner Game - Hypnotica has produced several other workds, including The Sphinx of Imagination and The Collection of Confidence: Reinventing Yourself.

Hypnotica is credited with bringing many Inner Game methods and techniques to the world of dating advice and pick-up artistry.






Hypnotica (right) appears on The Annihilation Method with Steve Piccus
Hypnotica (right) appears with Steve Piccus as a special guest on Style's Annihilation Method DVDs.


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