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Be The Prize
by Costas Elvito

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Be The Prize: Be The One Girls Love To Date

By Costas Elvito

Do you want to be the guy that all the girls love to date? If you’re keen, read on…

You really have to get this concept under your skin ASAP, and start getting used to the idea of being The Prize.  You should NEVER underestimate the importance of this concept.

Before diving straight into the topic, it is important for you to understand what being The Prize means.  Quite simply, it means that the ladies perceive you to be a Prize.Something they would be excited to win – in fact they would be excited just by spending a little bit of time with you.  You are being perceived as something special, something they want, but are unsure of how to actually get.  Simply put, you’re the leader, which she will strive to get.

These are some of the attributes men who are perceived as being The Prize always share:

  • Willingness to take the lead
  • Funny, make everyone laugh
  • Challenging
  • Unpredictable
  • High moral standard

Keeping it simple and to the point – here is what all this would mean in practical terms:



  • In the first couple of dates, it is important that you come off as impressive.  You have to come across as being the man, or in other words - The Prize. For this reason, you should pick the environment and be sure not to let her choose her own environment.  You have to ensure you are in control, that you are taking the lead, so that you come across as being The Prize that she wants to win.
  • Being the person with high moral standards sets you apart from the other guys. You will be seen as unique, the one the girls are in awe of and admire. Just being with you will be thought of as a Prize in itself.
  • Having a good sense of humour while being a challenge for the girls will make them laugh, giggle and make them feel like little girls who have no idea how to get you. This makes you not only fun to be around but also a huge challenge for them.  You are in control and in the lead, just the way it’s supposed to be.
  • The ability of surprise and being unpredictable is a strong dating concept.  She shouldn’t ever know what you are going to come up with next. If you have this skill you will be seen as exciting and unpredictable. The lady will also attach a feeling of exhilaration to you, and the time she spends with you will be seen as part of an adventure.

Remember, being The Prize should never be underestimated.  It is crucial girls see you as something they want to WIN.


Costas Elvito signature
- Costas Elvito




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