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Bad Boys vs Good Guys
by Costas Elvito

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Bad Boys vs Good Guys

By Costas Elvito

Have you heard the stories of the bad boys getting all the girls, or even experienced this yourself? It’s true - ladies are drawn to these kinds of men, not necessarily because they’re so bad, but because they simply portray some qualities that women admire.

Does this mean you have to be a bad boy to attract girls?

No, not at all.

The thing with the bad boys is that they portray themselves as strong men (even though inside they can be a total wuss).  The thing is, girls love to be able to surrender to a man.  The bad boy makes the girl feel inferior, which they thrive on.

This does not mean they like to be beaten up, or anything of the sort, but most girls do prefer being with someone that is stronger than them, both physically and emotionally.  This is connected to nature’s own way; men are supposed to be the ones that are stronger and protect the girl.

So deep down, every girl wants a man they can feel protected and safe with.  Here comes the major crunch, the thing with the bad boy’s is, it only lasts a little while, until the girl realises this guys a sucker and is really, really bad – and no longer in a good way.

Then comes the point where the girls start talking about how they ‘want a nice guy’, etc.  Guys, this doesn’t mean these girls want a guy that agrees on everything the girls says, always let her pick what to do, where to go, etc – this equals wuss, and most girls are actually allergic to it.  

If you meet your dream women, and start acting like she should be in control cause your SO afraid too loose her, I’m telling you, this will actually make her dump you quicker then you could go – “what happened and why?”.

The thing that women want is indeed a good guy, but a guy that still has some of the bad boy’s qualities.



Some of these are being strong/being a leader, being exciting, unpredictable, and being the man the girl can completely surrender to.  Its true that girls fantasise about completely surrendering to a guy.

If you don’t believe me, read some of the best selling paperback love books.  Girls love these, and its all about the different types of dream-men.  

Here is another great thing; the dream man can be anyone, it does not matter what he does for a living.  What matters are the qualities he has, and the way he acts around her, in public, and with other people.  

Girls are more often socially-oriented than guys, most of them emphasise spending a lot of time with their friends.  So if a guy stands out, and acts like a man among men, this will be highly respected among the girl’s social-circle, and so your girl will love you for it.

A funny thing is that the bad boys are seldom able to hold on to a good girl, and vice versa with the good guys – unless the good guy learns the attractive attributes of the bad boy, and hence becomes a real man. The bad boy could in turn learn something from the good guy – on how to be a gentleman, tender and loving.

So to every good guy out there, don’t be depressed about thinking you need to become a bad boy to attract the ladies, all you need to do is learn some of the key points which the bad boy has.  The points that make the girls lose control over their emotions, and completely and helplessly fall for you.  Simply put, catch on to the positive points from the bad boy, but keep your own personality intact.

Another great way to have a strong impact on the ladies is simply by studying and learning from the best.  Then go out and apply what you feel works for yourself. There are thousands of ways to attract ladies, you just need to know which of these work.

Costas Elvito signature
- Costas Elvito




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